Terms & Conditions

These are the terms and conditions enforced by any contract signed with Infernus.

Last updated: 03/03/2020

Your access to and use of the Service is conditioned on your acceptance of and compliance with these Terms. These Terms apply to all visitors, users and others who access or use the Service.

By accessing or using the Service you agree to be bound by these Terms. If you disagree with any part of the terms then you may not access the Service.

If you have agreed to a Website Development contract with Infernus you must pay your first payment within 7 days of signing the contract. Websites can take up to 4 weeks to develop. Payment will be taken immediately and before development has started. The weekly payments will be made all throughout the development stage.

If by 4 weeks Infernus has not completed the website due to delay/issues from Infernus, you will not be charged until the website is completed and live. If the website is not completed withing 4 weeks because you have failed to communicate on time or Infernus has been waiting on content to be supplied by you, you will still be billed even after the 4 weeks is completed.

For the Website Development packages, the minimum contract is 12 months. If you would like to cancel before the 12 month period you will need to pay the remaining of your contract time. Along with this you must also provide 60 days notice before cancellation.

If your website is cancelled, Infernus will return any intellectual property that was yours before the contract was signed. All intellectual properties created after the contract has been signed permanently belongs to Infernus. Infernus are not required to provide any property (Website files, domains, SEO campaigns, keywords) unless agreed prior.

At the time of cancellation, if you would still like the intellectual property owned by Infernus (website files, domains, SEO campaigns, keywords) a price can be arranged for these to be purchased. This price will be decided by Infernus unless a prior agreement has been signed that states otherwise.

The Website Development package is a service provided by Infernus, not a product.
Any products we purchase on your behalf as a part of our service will be owned by Infernus.

The Logo and Branding packages from Infernus are a product and are a one off cost. This requires no cancellation period and all property created by Infernus for the Logo & Branding package will be permanently owned by you as soon as all payments are collected.

Initial payments are to be made within 7 days of signing the contract unless agreed upon prior.

The SEO campaign service has a minimum run time of 12 months with a cancellation period of 60 days. Once the cancellation period is completed, Infernus is not required to provide any insight to the campaign or keywords used. Infernus will also be permitted to remove all SEO work that they have completed from the website.

If Infernus shuts down during your service, you will be provided ALL intellectual property at no extra cost. You will also be provided instructions on what is needed to continue your services with another company.

Infernus has the right to refuse any customers deemed to be rude, unfair or abusive. Infernus has the right to cancel any contract if it is breached.

When running a service with Infernus you are permitted from employing another company to also run the same services (web design, SEO) as this will cause conflict and may skew results.

Infernus are not responsible for any money lost.

Our servers have a proved 99% up time. If your website is down, Infernus is responsible to have the website up and active within 48 hours of when you contact us regarding the issue.

Any small/basic website changes requested will take 48 hours before completed. If this time period is extended due to being extra work, you will be notified before the work is completed.

Infernus is not required to provide any admin access/login to the website or any technical files.

Any contract signed by Infernus is a legal binding contract. Signing this confirms you have agreed to all Terms and Conditions listed here.

If a payment is late or missed your website will be temporarily suspended until you pay your remaining cost. If payments have been missed or delayed, Infernus will contact reminding you of this bill. If the bill is failed to be paid within 4 weeks a 3rd party debt collection agency will be contacted.

Any bill from the debt collection agency will be charged directly to you. You are liable for any costs incurred from Debt Collection.

If either party is in material breach of this agreement at any time (the “breaching party”), then the other party (the “other party”) may give notice to the breaching party setting out the details of the alleged material breach and requiring the breaching party to remedy the breach within 14 (fourteen) days. If the breaching party fails to remedy that breach within that period then the other party may immediately, at any time afterwards, terminate this agreement by sending written notice of termination to the breaching party. Non-payment by you as customer of any sum due and payable to us will be deemed to be “material”.

Liquidation: If either party goes into liquidation, then the other party may immediately, at any time afterwards,
terminate this agreement by sending written notice of termination to the party in liquidation.


Price and Payment.Price: The Price for the Services you purchase will be as stated in the Sales order we provide to you. You will be deemed to have accepted a Sales order if you use the relevant Service as stated in the Sales Order. You agree to pay us the Prices as stated in that Sales Order, on time. All Prices and any other fees and charges are in New Zealand dollars and exclude GST unless we state otherwise in the relevant Sales Order. You must pay us all applicable GST at the same time the Price is due for payment.


Exclusions: We will not be liable to you in any way for any indirect or consequential loss, or any loss of profits, revenue, or loss of data or other Content, or for any breach of this agreement by us due to an event or circumstance which is beyond our reasonable control. Any projected business growth related forecast that may be provided by us from time to time is a non-binding forecast only. You must seek independent financial, tax, legal and other professional services advice in respect of your desired business goals, plans and projections.

Due to the inherent uncertainties associated with providing any services online via the Internet and related computer systems, we are unable to guarantee that our Services will be supplied uninterrupted and fault.

For any weekly/monthly service (Website Development Package and SEO) Infernus has the right to alter the prices of these services. Infernus is required to provide 60 days notice to this change. After 60 days, any prior contract will be voided and a brand new contract will be sent and signed.